Monday, April 13, 2009

Library bag

I hate having stash. I really do. I feel oppressed by it. I have found over the years that the most enjoyable way for me to sew is to find a project and a pattern that I feel excited about and buy that one pattern and that one piece of fabric and sew it from start to finish and then find the next project.

So when Jen from across the road rang up and said "hey, Nick's fabrics are having a $4 a metre sale" the sensible part of me said "no" but the greedy part of me said "yes". In matters of bargain fabrics and chocolate the greedy side of me always wins.

Once I have the fabric (and I never buy more than 2 pieces of fabric even on fantastic sale because they will pressure me the minute they get in my carrybag) then I have to find a project to use them on because I hate having them lie about my sewing room where they can visibly oppress me.

Now the 2 pieces of fabric I bought on sale are the fabric for my trench and this brown wool pinstripe. My MIL also oppressed me with Queen of Thailand silk so I thought I would liberate myself of some fabric immediately by sewing this bag for my library books.

I interlined it with an old wool blanket for strength and durability and finished it with a bookish kind of button. Now my books have a home in our bedroom and can look classy to and from the library.

Now here is the trench fabric. Can you see the lovely copper thread running through it. I tell ya' it's gonna be one classy trench, when I finish it, which will be in about a month. There's a lot of sewing in a coat.

Libary bag: wool outer, silk lining, felted wool interlining.

Pattern : " Sunday Best shopper" by Deena Beverley in her book "Brilliant Bags" which I got out from the library. Go figure.

post edit:

Hmm, yes, you're right. It does need something highly visible to remind me of the due date. Would like to encourage libraries to find other source of revenue other than my fines.


  1. Love it :-)

    Glad to see you have managed to assuage some of your stash guilt by making something funky. My stuff from Nick's is still sitting in a pile looking at me with optimistic (or is it slightly accusing?) eyes. Ah well...I bought it a few friends from your man in Mt Albert. How is it that it's taken me so long to find them? Great prices, helpful staff, parking...what more can a girl ask for?


  2. Hi! Great bag! The pinstripe seems to say "I may be at the library but I mean business!".
    BTW, did I forget to tell you we were going to Totaranui for Easter? We did, and now we're back. Talk soon.

  3. Nice bag! Brilliant Bags is one of the few craft books I've actually shelled out hard-earned cash for. Love it.

  4. Very nice. Now that bag might be what would solve my chronic library fees. But then, how would the library support itself if it weren't for my late fees? I'd hate for them to have to shut down because I've got a groovy bag to organize myself.

  5. Fabric envy! I absolutely love the fabric you chose for your trench.

    Ummm... yeah, my stash right now is oppressing me, but not as much as the unfinished pant. Aargh! Double aaargh!

    I had to watch PR Canada the past two days just so that I can finish those darn front pockets. Watching PR while sewing undesirable parts of a garment is like taking sugar with medicine. The sad part is, I've watched all the episodes posted in youtube and I'm still not finished. I suppose if I had not stopped to watch Kim complain for the umpteenth time I would have finished.

  6. Stash pressure - currently trying to knit and sew my way through what feels like acres of stash. I swear Stash Pixies arrive in the night and replenish it while I sleep ...

  7. that's a great bag! love your philosophy re. fabric stashes, wish I could be as disciplined. Sadly I loooove fabric way too much to say no... lol!

  8. I feel the same way about my stash - it stresses me out. And because I like to dive into new projects, rather than revisit old ideas I end up buying even more fabric. But I have been pretty disciplined lately and try not to buy fabrics that doesn't have a dedicated project. And that has made a huge difference for me.

    The bag is great! And I have to agree with Christy a bag like this might be what I need to remedy my bad bad behavior when it comes to returning the books on time