Sunday, April 26, 2009

Burda 7786 Trench. Done.

Well it only took me 2 weeks! It shouldn't have though, I made lots of avoidable mistakes because I was too tired, and it was too late, or I didn't really feel like it.. mistakes I usually avoid by being quite smug about 'knowing when to stop.' So isn't it nice to know that even someone like me, who preaches, "sew in the moment" can get caught in a race to the finish?

I cut the lining too small and had to add bias tape to meet the shortfall.

Well, and talk about "third nipple." The darts have to be sewn right up to the apex, where they pop, because the dart is so short and steep. What's more, the metal fibres heated up so much while I was ironing the darts that they caused the fabric at the top to pucker.

So now we have triple nipple ripple. Diana, I hope we can still be friends.

But all is forgot when I put it on and just enjoy my little bit of Trench fun. Lots of Trench details are missing of course, because I just didn't have the fabric, but the broad shoulders and large pockets and close fit are all there. And it's just so 70's looking, isn't it, that metallic fabric, the small lapels, the big buttons.

Do you think I could be an extra for "Life on Mars?"


  1. I love it! I had prepared myself to wait the month and here it is, 2 weeks early. Don't show us your mistakes, just show us how fab you look in it! At the moment, instead of knowing when to stop, I always seem to have a reason not to get started...I need to be in your sewing room for a few weeks.

  2. Oh My! So lovely and hip, Mary Anna! I was inspired by your trench, and by the fact that I have a formal function to attend next week where a polar fleece jacket just will not cut it, and bought myself a little black number...Probably the product of child labor, not even in the same league as this result of your cleverness and thrift! But I laughed because the tag said "For the hip mom on the go!"
    I guess Mom chic is something like Nanna Chic? I will take a photo...

    Great work!

  3. I think the jacket looks very funky :-) Great fit, too.

    ...and welcome to the club of people who don't know when to stop and stay up too late sewing. It's a hard addiction to break ;-)

    Hope your new term starts well at PC tomorrow,


  4. That's good-looking! I laughed out loud, on two separate occasions, at your freshly coined phrase "triple nipple ripple". Three occasions now.

  5. Oh, Mary Nanna! You look absolutely fabulous! This trench is perfect on you!

    I know what you mean with the metal heating up like that. But I the fabric you chose is perfect, pain in the posterior to work with or not. It made the whole look totally awesome!

  6. Oooh it is fabulous! I'm having trench coat envy...

  7. Tim Gunn would be proud. You made it work, AND made us smirk.

  8. Great work. Does it have a belt? BTW I am really 50 - the photo is pro shot taken at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. I don't usually look that glam.

  9. I'm so impressed! Looks great, hope you take it on lots of well-deserved outings...

  10. Great coat and fabric choice - and those pockets are beyond cool. You are very fast I'd say! Sewing lined jackets and coats always give me something of a sewing burnout too - maybe it's the lining and all those details?

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