Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy belated Earth day

Ok, so now I'm a couple of days late with Earth day, but then, every day's an earth day, right? (Thinking of a couple of blog buddies posts as I say this, you know who you are.)

To celebrate, I wore a complete op shop (charity shop) outfit, lovingly and sometimes cussingly home sewn by yours truly using donated fabrics. It cost me a total of $10 for jacket, tunic and trousers (US friends, halve that). Talk about putting the thrift back into thrift shops (sadly wanting as of late). The bag was also made by me, with second hand handles and fabric scaps.

The jacket was made from an army blanket and was so altered by me I hardly want to reference it. Before it was a box: I removed bits from everywhere, but the lapel is unchanged. (Burda 8172).

Back view, with stripe going down centre back:

Blanky jacket, collar detail:

So here is my outfit. Shocking photo due to day-light savings and photographer getting home in the dark. So it's the old photo in the mirror trick. (I wish I could make my blurry bad light photos look cool like Iris)

Then I went up to my favourite second hand store, Salvage, on Mt Eden road which sells vintage fabric and buttons and purchased myself some jewels.

What on earth am I going to make with them? They look too beautiful to use.


  1. I love that outfit! Are you getting very skinny? It seems that you are. If not, keep taking photos just like this. Iris takes great ones, too! I haven't made it by in awhile to read but I'll catch up.

  2. What the hey?! You made that from an army blanket???? Why don't you just say, "Hey, I found some dog crap in the grass and made a diamond out of it!" I am very impressed by you thriftiness and inovativeness (? is that a word?)In other words, I dig the outfit. yay!

  3. Oh, my golly gosh! That jacket rocks!

    Happy Earth Day, Mary Nanna!

  4. I'm all over that stripe! Great detail. Happy Every Day is Earth Day! ;)

  5. OH! I also meant to say that stripe will make you fast but only in a quick and swift way and not in any way disrespectful to your husband.

    Now, I'm finished.

  6. That is a very funky jacket, indeed. I love those grey blankets - so good for so many things.

    ...and you are definitely the queen of op-shopping in this neck of the woods ;-)

    Enjoy your weekend,


    PS...anytime you need a daylight photographer, feel free to give me a call ;-)

  7. Hey you really are looking skinny and glam! I've always liked that fuzzy jacket, and the buttons from Salvage are just delicious!

  8. Yep, still love that jacket. And mine is still cut out, on the floor, ready to go... I like the idea of a whole thrifted outfit, many of mine are like that - a mixture of things I've made and things I've found.