Friday, March 13, 2009

Pant sew along, final fittings.

Diary of Sew along to date:

Diana and Antoinette decide to make pair of pants. Invite me along for ride. Think about disaster of A + O pants and decide is good idea.

Choose Burda World of Fashion pattern. Decide is time to loose Burda virginity after years of untouched magazines.

Trace off pattern. Compare with sloper. Horrified by one inch ease throughout. Warning bells go off.

Fit tissue. Serious shortfall registered from hip to waist. Add half an inch to sides. Have to redraft pockets as no longer fit. Square off front and add tissue to zipper. Divide back dart in two. Slope second dart away from grainline towards "fluff." Make low flat dierriere adjustment.

Fit lining. Quibble with husband about coming onto deck in my see-through lining where neighbours can see. Husband points out photos destined for internet so better get used to publicity.

Lining reveals back and front crotch too short. Try pinning deeper seam in back. Still too short, so lengthen back crotch top and bottom. Size of tummy problem revealed. New shelving gone in below tummy button. Suspect baby souvenir. Realise front trouser zipper with pockets bad style choice for tummy protusion. Redo zipper to put more space into waist at centre front.

Sew trousers in pant fabric. Realise pant fabric has too much body. Darts pucker at bottom. Should have reduced stitch length to minimum. Consider redoing but suddenly feel very tired.

Front pockets gape because of tummy protusion. Decide good idea to sew silk chiffon knee length tunic to wear over top: got myself 'get of jail free' card.

Waist too large. Realise real problem is protusion below waist, not waist itself. Can't face redoing zipper for third time, think laterally: go to cupboards and find chocolate, open freezer for icecream.

Try on pants again. Trousers very baggy below seat. Problem low flat dierriere and full thighs. Pull in to remove excess fabric from butt, thighs too tight, loosen off inseam, seat too loose. Cannot win. However, compromise by taking in back inseam 5 mms.

Draft waistband by placing tissue round tummy. Sew wasitband but do not turn and finish. Allow room to unpick for refitting.

Adopt philosophy that perfection in pants is for gods or people who make 7 muslins.

Perfection very lonely place, prefer stick with crowds.


  1. They still look pretty darn good to me. I think you have a pair of "I sewed it" tinted glasses on :-)
    ...and jeepers! Someone did 7 muslins? *wanders over to check out blog*

  2. Yep, you've got "I sewed it" real bad. They look flippin choice.

  3. LOL! The 7 muslin woman says your pants are Go!

  4. I love your fit! I decided that I like lines in my pants--adds character! Never like being alone!

  5. This post cracks me up. I needed the laugh after a long day!! Sounds like we are all trying really hard. I think they look pretty good!! Oh yeah two muslins was enough for me.

  6. what a great post. I am on aborrowed computer because mine has died and I need to prepare for my one day working week. It is late at night so I was just having a quick sqiz at blogs determined not to comment because it is so late, but I love your posts and wanted to let you know. I have a non-sewing friend who has found that when she lifts her low derriere to the right place, the full thighs just becaome normal thighs...I don't know how she came to find this out, probably way too many hours in front of the mirror. Perhaps all of us with low derrieres have full thighs and somebbody could draft a separate line of patterns just for us.