Sunday, March 15, 2009

70's retro tunic

I did, of course, make a few more adjustments to the pants after looking at the photos. I took in the front crotch below the zipper and took in the front thigh area where there is a slight "jodpur" look. I always get that, it's another by-product of flat derriere - the sides get pushed out.

I did not, of course, get all the sewing done that I hoped for. I took Benjy for his inoculations to the doctor on Thursday and he left with every other child's illness in the waiting room. We have had a weekend of diarrhoea, vomiting and sleepless nights.

I sewed this a week or so ago and I'm really enjoying wearing it. I borrowed the pattern from my sister (blogged about here) It's a shame you can't see the details of the panel construction. I made it out of my $3 70's op shop remnant so it has a truly retro feel. I opened the neckline slightly - just cut and turned under with bias tape because I couldn't figure out how to make a facing with all those seams coming into centre front.

Anyway, I notice Simplicity has revived the style, (Simplicity 2927) and I'd like to give the modern version a crack because it means I can use a big button. I love big buttons.

The retro pattern I used was from 1970 (excellent year) and I made the fatal mistake of not checking the sloper size used. It is designed for smaller, leaner, Pre-McDonalds years. It turns out they have graded the sloper up a whole inch - which is almost another size, so I got caught out and had to let out all the seams.

The bust darts are interesting. They take a western trail up to the bust summit. I can see that a direct assault would have worked better and I might have to go out and buy myself a french curve to move the dart over to a northern ascent.

I also discovered that Murphy's rule of nursing applies here: if you had a small bust before nursing it will disappear afterwards, if you started with too much you will get more. I have discovered to my horror that I now fit into Palmer/Pletsch's definition of "very full bust."

Long weary sigh.

Happy sewing everyone.


  1. Ain't that the truth. Sigh. Those of us with the antithesis of the very-full-bust-adjustment envy you, somewhat. Although I'm sure each comes with its own challenges.

    Sorry to hear you've been living in the house of spew all weekend :-( That really sucks the big kumara.


  2. We went through all that during Christmas break. Ewww. And double eeewww. Hang in there!

    As for the tunic: groovy. Really "styley" with those pants!

  3. I cannot say how delighted I am to see that pattern made up- I still want to make it myself actually. I love its quirky designy features. The fabric choice is so very right for that pattern. Good job!

  4. That's a fun pattern and I also love the 70's patterns! Esp. the Butterick designer ones -- Betsey Johnson, Willi Smith, Kenzo... Your tunic turned out great! BTW I get the gist of what an op shop is, but what is "op" short for? Or is the whole phrase a play on words...?

  5. Oh yes about the nursing. Good-bye mushroom caps, hello acorn tops for me. It was lovely pretending for a while as they were all full of creamy milk.

  6. I've always loved the 70s interpretation of the pants suit especially with all the interesting shaping and darts. Great pattern and very nice tunic too.

  7. I like the look of the tunic with jeans. Very cute. Are you wearing your pants? I am almost done...I thin...