Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nearly finished. Lining to go - I thought I'd try my hand at bagging it, nice to add a few new skills to my repertoire.

I have mostly sewed this jacket without instructions, not for want of trying. I just could not understand them. At all.

"Separate zip. Place zip face down to right front on lengthwise edge of self facing, right side of fabric so that zip tape is centred on marked seam line. Stitch zip tape in place. Stitch on remainder of right facing piece. Lay facing forward over joining seam and topstitch close to seam."

Right. Did you get that? Good. Was I supposed to sew the zip to the right front or the right front facing? Where is the remainder of the right facing piece please? If I press the seam forward then I am actually topstitching next to the zipper. Is that where you mean?

I liked the breast pockets, so enlarged them and put them on my hips and took out the zipper pockets - let's face it, I need quilted fabric on my bust line like Dolly Parton needs a padded bra.

They also want you to attach this mysterious thing called webbing to your belt and sleeve tabs. I think they mean cotton twill tape. Anyway, I didn't want anything to mess with my dots, so left it off.

I get a lot of fun out of joyful fabrics like polka dots. You can't take yourself too seriously in a dotted dacron jacket. It's good therapy for picky sewers like myself, who need to lighten up big time when it comes to their own sewing projects.

This jacket has lots and lots of details. It is 3 dots, and had 17 pieces to draft or trace out - which is a record for me. By far and away the hardest part of this project has been working with the instructions.

I think I've just found my dream job - writing instructions for Burda magazine.

Some of the details: belt, tabbed sleeves and patch pockets

The collar is designed to stand, and has a tab closure. I can't imagine me wearing it closed though.

Burda WOF magazine: 12 -2008- 123
Quilted Fabric (polyester with dacron inner) : Global fabrics

pssst (Auckland blog buddies, Smart Dress Fabrics in Mt Albert has got quilted fabrics on special)


  1. Wow, are you quick! I love it.

  2. Amazing, the details are great! You're really on a coat-making roll ;-)

  3. Love it! I remember reading through those instructions too and having no idea whatsoever what they meant. Good thing you know what you're doing!

    ...and I'm going to be a good girl with self-restraint and not go to Smart Dress Fabrics. I *can* have willpower, I know I can ;-)....


  4. very cool jacket, love all the detailing! sorry I couldn't make heads nor tails of those instructions, lucky you're on to it!

  5. You know, the Burdastyle community always had something to say about the level of quality in those written instructions. I myself experienced huge growth sewing a couple of those patterns without vaguely comprehensible instructions. But for a pattern with 17 pieces! You're a brave lady, indeed.

    I am stumped by breast pockets for anyone with breasts, even very diminutive ones (breasts, that is). And the breast pockets that have buttons right over where one's nipples are? Unforgiveable.

  6. Gorgeous jacket, Mary Nanna.

    I bet the writer is limited to a few hundred words. Then on its way to print, it gets hacked by someone who never actually sewed the patterns up, but just know enough sewing jargon to make it look believable.

    I can just imagine the writer, while reading it hot off the press, "Aww, gosh darn it to pieces. That's not what I wrote!"

  7. Are you a sewing machine? There was hardly a breath between the last coat and this one. A coat / jacket is a month long project for me. I can't wait to see it on you.

    Webbing is that heavier tape that is attached to all camping gear, mostly as straps. I thought that all New Zealanders were all-camping, all-hiking, crazy marathon adventurers that have webbing lying around most rooms of their house. Or is that just the ones that I have been friends with?

  8. You certainly have the sewing mojo at the moment. Great jacket - It's cold in Sydney right now so must be on the chilly side across the ditch in NZ. BTW did you quilt the fabric?

  9. Gorgeous jacket - I love the fabric!

  10. Wow, that was quick! I love the polka dots. And those instructions are gobbledegook to me too.