Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Muslin underway

Ok, it feels appropriate to say I whipped this muslin up because on a pride scale of 1-10 in the sewing stakes, 10 being made with great care and attention, this was about a 2 for effort.

I hate making muslins. Such a waste of time and resources. And the guilt! Where do you think this baby is headed. No one say landfill.

But in this case, it was essential. Overall not too bad. I love the back, I love how it drops down to the waist and all the dart shaping. It's a bit loose, but I'm intending to wear this as an evening coat. (Yes, that's right, every stay at home mum needs an evening coat for all those night-time social engagements).

I knew I could not pull off a single front dart, I just needed to know much to take off and how much to add back in. Fit wise it's ok, but I'm going to have to play round until I can find a way to make my darts work.

The key for me to pull of this style will be to use fabric with really good drape and to get the fit and shaping spot on. Now that'll need a 10 for effort.

My fabric. I'm going all out nana chic with this: wool/silk tweed, and a poene lavender acetate lining.


  1. Definitely not landfill. What pattern are you using. It is a really nice styling.

  2. OMG, Mary Nanna. It's going to look gorgeous in that fabric!

  3. Cool :-) I love that lining...where's it from?


  4. wow that was quick. Love your choice of fabric.

  5. Now that puts my muslins to shame. I haven't come to terms with the whole what-to-do with a muslin afterwards, However, I do enjoy the quick whipping up of muslins...no pressing seams, no matching bobbin threads, no facings....there are so many little parts of sewing that irk me, it is a wonder I enjoy the overall ! That evening coat looks like it is going to be something special. You'd be surprised how many evening dresses I have whem my wardrobe is deplete of basics...and I am SAHM to three...not many babysitters want to take on 3 and not many nights can I stay awake to "evening"

  6. I love the shape of this jacket, it's gonna look fantastic in that fabric.

  7. totally love the fabric and the pattern and the padded jacket. Cant wait for you to have a wardrobe clear out because you own too many lovely clothes and just cant get around to wearing them all. Just post them off to their new home. 12 William st. Marg

  8. I have been known to cut up muslins for stuffing draught excluders. Other than that, they aren't very useful.
    This pattern is looking very promising! And given your fabric choice, you'll have a very special evening coat for years to come. One day your husband is going to call you at lunch time and say he's booked a swanky restaurant for dinner and you need to be ready at 6. You'll be glad you did the coat already ;-)