Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ugly fabric entry #1

It won't surprise you to learn that I have several ugly fabric entries on my mind. I thought I'd see how many I got done, and end of the month I'd get you all to vote and the winning entry will be my official entry into the competition. After all, if you like it, you might actually vote for it, and if enough people felt the same I could actually get somewhere!

So first up, all my ugly fabric entries come from my mother-in-law or the Sally Army. I actually do not go out seeking ugly fabric, it comes looking for me.

Look at this beauty. $2 - a remnant of some description. Wool something, I suspect from the slight waxy surface and furry bits it's a blend. What I think is truly hideous about the fabric is the aqua and black grid pattern. The aqua is not consistent in its coverage so it has a true watery quality. In reality it reminds me of nasty tie die.

But it's a wool/blend, only two smackeroos, and a fabric orphan in need of a new home.

First up, just as some people's true beauty lies on the inside, some fabric looks a whole lot better from the wrong side. Turn the fabric over and it becomes a fun polka dot. And what do you know? I found a matching acetate lining from Nick's fabrics and with a supermarket zipper I made the whole skirt for $5. That's about $3 US dollars.

I used this Burda pattern from the December 2008 issue of Burda World of Fashion.

I lengthened it, and decided to put a frill underneath. Polka dots and frills were made for each other. Actually, frills also neatly cover that gap between boot and knee length skirt.

Eh voila! Here we have my first ugly foray. From the back:

And from the front - I thought I'd burda it and wacked on a big belt.


  1. Love it! I think it's a triumph :-) ...and how nice to have the sallies and Nick's meet up so beautifully in one garment.

    Very cool :-)

    I'm trying to finish my pants from the workshop and something is seriously not right with the fit....wedgie city. Am going to see Carol tomorrow so hopefully she can shed some light on where things went wrong.


  2. well done on two levels. first - making something inconventional out of a fairly conservative fabric (personally I wouldn't rank it as 'ugly'). second, making this skirt without it nipping in under the bum. Dawn made it a month or so ago and it was very body hugging.

  3. $5 skirt! nice interpretation of the pattern. It hangs really well without the usual derriere issues. The ruffles are a sweet touch too.

  4. The skirt looks great. You have redeemed the ugly fabric for sure. I had to read the sentence twice about sources of fabric, so, The Sallies as a new euphemism for a Mother in Law had me smiling. Then I realised it was just me being silly, but smiling anyway.

  5. Well that ain't ugly at all! That is a fab skirt! Well done!
    I don't seek out ugly fabric either. Fabric from the store waits until it gets back to my house before it reveals its ugliness :o(

  6. Well, that's all looking a bit funky. Love the boot / skirt combo. I'm impressed that you turned your uglies into clothes. Someone gave me 2 big bags of uglies and I must confess to only using them for community projects and muslins. I'll also be impressed if you can dedicate the whole month to uglies. I find it hard to complete one project before I start the next, let alone staying on theme. Well done.

  7. Oh well, so much for ugly. I think you've totally redeemed it... that last photos with the black and the belt and the boots looks far too cool to be ugly. You're going to have to do better than that... LOL

  8. I agree - not ugly at all! I like the last shot with the black belt.
    Looking forward to some more ugliness in the next few weeks.

  9. Wow that's so cool! I love the wonkiness of the design that says "grid pattern? I'll show you what you can do with your grid pattern!". Can't wait to see your other uglies if they're all this good.

  10. Lovely that Burda can also be a verb.
    You amaze me! Not ugly, so is it a loser in this competition?


  11. Um, does me liking this mean that I have no eye for the ugly?
    I really, really like the frill on it. I liked this skirt pattern, but it didn't call out to me. Till I saw yours with that perfect added frill. Now I need one too.

  12. I don't think that fabric is very ugly at all, but the skirt is really great-looking! You look babe-a-licious in that last photo, dear! Work it! ;)

  13. Fabulous skirt! I see no ugly either, although the fabric would be pretty drab without your clever interpretation. The intricate cut of the skirt and the frills really gives the fabric a great facelift.

  14. You have an award. Go to my blog to see what it is.

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