Wednesday, June 3, 2009

100 posts, a retrospective.

Today is the first day in more than 3 weeks that it hasn't been terribly painful to swalllow. I'm on the mend! Harruh!

Looking through my recent charity shop fabric finds, I realise I've got a couple of contenders for the ugly fabric contest so I'm going to be real busy this month. I'm in the middle of a second pair of mccalls cords, the last pair were unwearable, even with crotch adjustments. They were anatomically unsound, biologically unstainstable, they were such a threat to my health and safety if I'd continued wearing them I'd have had to pay an ACC levy.

Here are a couple of outfits pulled together from my blogging journey of the last 100 posts. You can find details of all patterns by searching through my labels. If there's something you can't find, leave a message and I'll hunt out the pattern number for you.

First up, the Otago tartan, an ugly fabric winner right there. The fact that a single bolt was still on the shelves after 10 years speaks for itself. But what fun I had with the skirt in-pleat and my own dear wee sportan. The black vogue jumper has been such a useful little number, goes with a lot of things.

My attempts at milk bar chic were marred by those awful pockets, handy, but completely ruin the line. They're welt, so I can't remove them. Harrumph! However, fun on a summer's day. Only I don't wear it at the supermarket in case someone asks me if we stock sultanas or to open the register.

The sew along pants with a retro seersucker blouse and my knitted cardy! Yes, the 'wearable rug' is finished! It's very warm, but rug like, yes, very thick and straight.

The trench, a complete winner. Those pockets have been more helpful than I could ever describe. Seen here with hand made glass beads (Sally Army $5) and a bag I made out of recycled handles and some fabric scraps.

Well, that's it for me for a while folks, got a lot of sewing this month. Better get on with it, choppity chop.


  1. Great way of presenting your clothes and some great outfits! I like the use of the Otago tartan :)

  2. Hmm, next time I go to town I might have to see if the Scottish shop has any of that tartan left. I really like the way you used it on that skirt - way to show hometown pride!

    And if they aren't going to get any more, now's my only chance. I'd hate to have a brilliant idea for using it in five years and not be able to get some.

  3. great outfits, love the boots too!

  4. Oh yes, the Otago Tartan skirt is my pick too, although the shirt dress inspired me to make one myself (still uncut in the sewing basket) and the trench is a strong contender for 'coolest trench ever'.

  5. all those outfits are totally inspiring!! they all look amazing. Thanks for bringing cheer into a dull dunedin day

  6. Its hard to pick but I think the black jumper is my favorite. But then the trench might also be my favorite, well but there's also the...

  7. That is fantastic how you've laid out all your pieces for the camera! Thanks for the idea... here I am, all along waiting for my photographers to have an opening in their schedules.

    Shall I see you at fb?

  8. What a wonderful way to highlight pieces from your last 100 posts -- even better that they coordinate and complement other pieces you've made!

    In my mind there's an editorial here. Models lying on the ground in the exact positions you have the clothes.

  9. I really like your neologism, the word "unstainstable". I believe the definition would be: incapable of being destroyed by raspberry cordial, marmite or melted chocolate.

    This is exactly the quality a mother of a male toddler needs in her clothing. I know from personal experience.

  10. What a magic trench, well done!

    I know this is a little cheeky - me being a lurker and all - but I've tagged you for a meme. It's a bit of a monster, but I would love to see your answers...

  11. Hi, I've nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award"... have a great day!

  12. Hi Mary Nanna,
    Congratulations on your 100 posts. I've nominated you for a 'lovely blog' award. You can pick it up at my blog -

  13. We loved the description of the McCall cords (first pair) especially the bit about the ACC levy. When I say 'we', what happens is that I'm quietly at the computer and then I roar with laughter and everone else wants to know what's going on (small house)and crowds around to look. What made it funnier was reading the earlier blog when it was still in the early hopeful stage, bursting with potential. Anyway what I actually signed in for was to tell you about my fabulous garlic tincture that stops a sort throat dead in its tracks and annihilates it. You are left with a mild garlic taste in your mouth for a while but it doesn't make you or your breath smell or repeat on you. Ingredients are vodka and garlic and if you're interested I can divulge the details. Kids are waiting for stories so must away Miri

  14. Love the trench! congrats on a 100 posts!

  15. Well done on making it to 100! Love the outfits; you've been very prolific and it's always inspiring to see someone actually wear what they sew. Something I aspire to ;-)

    Still battling nappy-sewing inertia; just want to get the blighters finished so I can start to use the dressform.