Saturday, June 20, 2009

Burda 10-2008-116 blouson jacket

My favourite colour is copper. I found that out quite by chance. If you asked me, "what is your favourite colour?" I would have said, "blue."

Here's how I found out. When the place where I worked wanted to lay off a whole lot of staff, they brought in a "change management" consultant. 5 of us signed up for the workshop. One of the activities was to imagine yourself surrounded by a colour that made you feel warm, secure and alive. And what colour did I see? Copper! I think it's because it so closely resembles a well made cup of coffee. Anyway, funnily enough, not one of us 5 attendees actually got made redundant, but we all left within a year to follow a new path that we had planned out that day in the workshop.

It's not a colour that suits me, but I love it, which is why I didn't mind making up this blouson jacket to match my ugly skirt in it.

I super-burda-ed this time, with belt and buttonhole. I even had some nice wooden bracelets so I could uber-super-burda it but I forgot to put them on.

Now you can see "ugly" skirt on. It's a pencil skirt - I have now officially entered it into the contest. I was going to ask you all to take a vote, but really, when I first saw this fabric I thought it was absolutely hideous.

You just can't top that ... I knew in my hearts of hearts that this was my entry.


  1. This all looks great on you. Your ugly skirt aint a bit ugly and I love the jacket. I also love copper and have a favourite old leather jacket in same. Copper is also the color of baby poo, but don't let that worry you!

  2. Super-burda indeed! So, if you think a fabric is ugly and then make something great with it, does that counterbalance. I guess what I'm asking is, will you wear it?

  3. I can't believe you turned that fabric into something wearable! Major kudos to you for that feat. The jacket is lovely, and really does a good job of making the skirt look good. (Now I need to go and vote on Pattern Review.)

  4. Mary Nana it looks great. And all sewn so quickly. I think you have pulled off a stunning oufit

  5. You've turned it into a nice outfit. Well done. :)

  6. Oh-so-fantastic! Love your great big smile in the first photo. :) Have you worn this out yet? Any feedback from the general public?

  7. Looking good! Man, you've been one speedy sewer lately....wanna send some of that mojo over the road? I'm feeling most uninspired at the mo. Am about to post about my new pants but they look crapola in the photos. Bah.

    Anyway. The outfit is looking great - good luck for the contest!


  8. Oh very nice, very nice. It all comes together beautifully. BTW, who ever knew that your favourite colour was copper? I learn something new about you every post.

  9. Very pretty! I can't believe how nice you made that fabric look and I love the whole outfit together. You always look so stylish. Copper is very soothing, isn't it? I have a painting that M. calls my copper painting.

  10. I love the skirt with the perfect jacket and...the boots!! Great look!

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