Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I wore my pants out for the first time yesterday. I swear this is true, 3 different people said to me, "hey, great top, did you make that?"

I answered all in the negative, but to one I mentioned that I sewed the pants. "Oh" she said, "gosh you must be getting a lot of clothes in your wardrobe now."

Actually, overall I'm pretty pleased with pants, I just don't like the fabric much. It is pure wool grey suiting, with a black pinstripe, and I bought it at the op shop (charity shop) all 3.5 metres for $8 (that's $4 US). So it was a bargain, but its a blah bargain, because if I really thought about it I really see these pants in an a granny tweed - something with a loose weave and flecks of something else to give it a bit of texture. My inner cheap-skate short changed my vision.

So then I thought I might sew a shirt to go with it, something formalish to go with my lawyer-look pants. I found a nice shirt pattern and then matched it up with a white floral cotton from stash. Which I bought at the op shop for $3. Some people will never learn and I appear to be one of them.

Then I thought about it some more, "why not just go out and buy some fashion fabric of my choice. Live a little, go on, you can do it, you can pay full price for a lovely fabric."

Anyway, here's the tunic top Newlook 6752 made up. I bought the fabric (silk chiffon, let's just not go into details about how horrendous it was to sew) at Global Fabrics end of season half price sale.

But of course.


  1. The top looks great - did you bind the neck edges and armholes with a contrast bias binding? Very styley...very central Auckland mummy ;-) (I mean that in a good way)
    ...and do it! Go fabric shopping! you know you want to :-)


    PS guess who starts a new job on Monday?

  2. First, I really like that top. Silk chiffon did not get the better of you! I bet it's laughing on the other side of its face now! Ha!

    Your inner cheapskate and my inner cheapskate must be best friends. I have loads of stuff smirking at me from my sewing stuff, goading me into making something not-quite-right because I found it real cheap.

  3. Oh, very, very pretty! That's the kind of top I always wish I were wearing.

  4. Lovely top and lovely fabric. I like the color!

    You can do it. Start small at first, but I warn you, don't settle for second best and definitely don't buy something that will not go with at least two favorite items that you already have in your closet. Make this expensive fabric go the distance. Else, you'll end up rarely wearing it or you'll buy additional items just to go with it, and because of that, you'll start to hate it eventually.

    Just speaking from experience.

  5. What a lovely top! I always want to wear clothes like that but when I do I feel like I'm an imposter and everyone knows I don't normally dress that way. Silly I know!

  6. Lovely top! Wait -- you wore the pants for the first time yesterday that you made for the sew-along? The lined pants? I think it is a compliment that no one asked about your pants -- perhaps they assumed you bought them, which is a sign it looks good enough to pay lots o' money for.

    I have a gigantic stash of wearable muslin fabric because I was afraid for so long that I would ruin and waste pricey fabric. I wish I could get over it but it has been programmed into me at this point.