Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nerd alert!

Ottobre 05-2007-08 Jersey shirt blouse

I have a confession to make. Part of the appeal of Ottobre to me is that the designs are often a little on the frumpy side. And since frumpy is a little ugly, a little ungainly, a little anti-fashion and extremely comfortable I rather like it.

The compulsory hand on hip, grimace at the camera nerd shot. I am only sorry I don't have a rubbish bin in the back ground to complement the look. Sigh, weeds will just have to do. (respectful sly wink to you Carolyn)

I added shirring elastic to pull in the back as it was very big on me.

This was supposed to be a shirt to go under the v neck tee to complete my "look" for October. But as you know, the neckline was ridiculously high and I haven't got back to the tee yet, so they're mix and match separates for the time being.

The colours are dreadful on me I know. I probably won't wear this shirt except under a cardy or pullover in a more sympathetic colour way. Or save it for Halloween, might be handy to look really pale sometimes. Come to think of it, it could be a good one to put away for when I go back to work and need to pull a sickie.

The real lesson for me though, is that this top does have great potential. It would be good in a dark colour, short sleeved, and some of the fit issues refined. Now, I've recognised this to be true. I have identified that I could be on to a winner here. But will I follow through, or will I get distracted before I really get a chance to make something I really enjoy wearing?

You see, in the past I have made test garments, identified potential, but never made the final garment. I have done that many times. I am very easily distracted by the latest thing. This is not a good thing if you actually HAVE TO wear the garments you sew because you have nothing else.

This month's theme is "not for me November" - yes boring xmas gifts, mending for husband, birthday presents for a couple of people etc etc. But I might just see if I can make this shirt again, just to show that I can learn from my mistakes after all.


  1. I think this top has a heap of potential. I particularly like the gathering at the bustline of the CF. It's a shame you're not happy with the colour because it really works with the pants. The colour doesn't look sickly at all over the net but then again we don't always get to see what you see.

    I've been feeling a bit nerdy myself this morning. My silk party dress is doing my head in so I've cast it aside for some easier sewing - silk covered coathangers for my sewing friends. Just the thought if it makes me feel like I should be applying for the aged pension.

  2. I love this shirt on you- the big collars especially. It's not nerd, it's *hot nerd* pdrrrrrr! Does the colour really look awful on you? It doesn't seem so in the photo.

  3. I think this shirt looks great. No frump. Nothing dreadful, Colour fine. Is this my chance to point out to you that maybe you have a case of "I-sewed-it"? I like the gathers over the bust...just a shame it wouldn't look so good on me, so I can't learn from your pattern choices.

    I must say, the hassle of getting photographs has put me off blogging lately. Do I go with crap photos or do I not blog? I don't want to divert my creative efforts into photography. I want to sew. I think you could even have gone with the bin in the background shot in that shirt. Once I made a photo book up for my son and nephew, when they had been holidaying together. My son liked the photograph with the wheelie bin in the background because it was something he could name. And don't forget the good ol' where've you wheelie bin jokes you could make.

    Enjoy wearing your shirt...it looks great to me.

  4. I don't think the colours are awful on you I like them! Bernice is right theyre also great with the pants. I like your back ruching detail too feminine but not too froufrou.

  5. I think your shirt looks lovely. Pity about the lack of rubbish bins adorning your backdrop...

  6. Marynana, if you had a wheelie bin in the background you would have needed gum boots as well.
    Ditto to what the others have said but why not break out and make one more? The pattern (and you) deserve it.

  7. I knew there was a natural reason for my appreciation of Ottobre, my inner frump! (This is also my outer frump, but I like to pretend)
    Your shirt does not quite make frump I am afraid. The gathers at the bustline are rather pretty and the collar is a lovely shape. I am also not sure that you are quite pale enough in the photo for a convincing sickie. Maybe it is more convincing in person? How annoying if the colours are unsuitable in a shirt that has such nice features.
    I often think I will re visit a pattern but wander off to something new and shiny instead. It is rather reassuring that I am not the only one.

  8. This is not a frumpy top at all! The shape of it is great on you, very flattering. I don't mind the colours in the print, but I can see how this would be nice in a solid colour so the details stand out. I completely understand getting distracted by new things.

  9. There's nothing frumpy about this shirt! It's lovely.
    I've been sturggling with getting photos taken for my blog - I'm in the process of training the dog, or asking Santa for a new camera with a self-timer!!

  10. well I think it looks good too... very nicely nana-ish.

    I totally agree that wellies would have made the look, however.

  11. As a fellow nerd, I don't really see anything wrong with this shirt :-). Although the print isn't really exciting, granted, and you're a better judge of the Halloween effect on your face.

    It's too bad if you don't go ahead and make the 'real' garments though, after you identify what needs fixing in an experiment. How do you behave? Do you put the 'bad' shirt in the back of the closet and merely fantasize about the better one in a very theoretical way? Maybe if you forced yourself to wear the icky one regularly till it was replaced, you'd be more motivated/reminded of making the better one? That's what works for me anyway..

  12. I've been really interested to see this one made up, since I couldn't get my mind around a button up shirt in a knit fabric.

    My opinion (but don't come to me for fashion advice...) is that I like it a lot and would wear it myself. The ruching was a great idea.

  13. I like your shirt! Focus, focus focus, imagine what a truly lovely piece that you'll cherish-- It will be yours if you can just FOCUS and get the shirt made in dark fabric.

    That's me being a cheerleader...

    I like your "Not For Me November"... Very interesting... I was thinking of rendering "Buy Nothing Day" into "Make Something Day," but your theme goes all month!

  14. I love corduroy! I agree with you, there is no friendlier fabric.

    To me your shirt seems maybe a little tight in the bust but fine. Go for it and make it again!

    If you want to fire up your followers, take a picture of you as if you're placing your just-made garment into a background rubbish bin. That will get them howling.

  15. I'm new to your blog but already smitten. I like Ottobre too because of the slightly frumpy look. I've only sewn two things from them but the fit is great for my size 16 body.
    I liked your shirt. Colors online are good with the jeans. I think I would like the collar to stand up more.
    I especially like hearing about sewing for others.

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