Saturday, December 18, 2010

The "shapris" pant

Capris can be modern and sharp or they can be terribly aging. I saw a young girl in a beige pair yesterday that would be too old for an 80 year old.

In the shops here I saw a really nice pair of light denim capris that the stylist had rolled up to the knee. I thought that was a fresh way to wear them, 17 or 70 and have knicknamed them the "shapris" - the short capris.

I used Ottobre magazine, 02-2007-14 , but hemmed them without adding the cuff so I could roll them up. I also used the pattern for the bird styling, but because it is only for one pocket I decided to make a little story and add something else to the other pocket.

I followed their instructions and traced the pattern onto soluable stabiler which I pinned to the fabric and top stitched over. This is what it looked like before I ran it under the tap. That stuff is amazing - with a bit of water it breaks down and washes away.

I showed them to my husband and said, "can you make a story out of these 2 pictures?"

"hmm, is it a ball and a bird - a Christmas direction?"
can you give me hint?"
"let me spell it out to you - c - a -g -e + c - a - n- a- r- y"
"Oh I see now."

I'm not sure he did. Doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure the pockets will be mostly covered by light tunic tops anyway.

I wasn't able to get the back crotch right - the length is good, but there's both a smidgin of "pouf" and "wedgie" which I could not remove by scooping out the curve more, taking in the back or side seams, so I throw up my hands and say, "good enough".
I'm going to get out my favourite best fitting Burda pants and draft the back off them next time.

Burda are famous for their fit and I've totally worked out how they fit me now, but I do have a little more work on my hands sorting out the Otttobre - the amount of wearable ease added to base measurements seems greater if this pattern is anything to go by.

At any rate, with the heat and high humidity we've been experiencing recently (temperatures in the mid to high 20's (high 70's) and humidity in the 90% range) a smart short that is not too short is just the ticket. I can see me running these to the ground over the next couple of months, that is if pre-school holidays and an adventurous toddler at home doesn't beat me to it.


  1. Looks like you won't be going shopping for summer clothes after all. Very versatile shapris there. I only bought soluble stabiliser once and it was clear and sticky...I wondered how people used it. Mine seemed to dissolve in the humidity before I even got to sew it. The stuff you have looks vastly different. I'll have to look out for it.

  2. You are so inspiring me! They look totally fabulous - I even have some hemp denim that would be perfect....after I have sewn the skirt I traced after seeing yours in your last post :)

  3. Super cute. I will have to keep this length in mind. I love capris, but this is a nice alternative.

  4. I love the length, its like a just below the knee skirt only more practical. And the little pocket story is fab, even if no-one but your blog followers and you know its still just plain old FUN!

  5. They look good! I am past the point of wanting to wear real shorts in summer now (just don't want to show the world my thighs these days!) But, it still gets hot, sharpris seem like the perfect answer. I like your canary out of the cage, I don't think me or my sewing machine is up for anything so advanced though.

  6. I love your pockets. The cage and bird are fabulous - what do husbands know anyway!

    I've been following your blog for a little while and admire all the great clothes you make. Just wondering, do you draft any of your own patterns?

  7. I love these! The pockets are fantastic. Wonderful work!

  8. I think the fit is pretty good. I'd be very happy if I made pants that fit this well. Here in the subtropics, capris are worn by a particular style and age of woman and they are usually white. I loathe them in white, but I actually really like yours and they do look damn sharp. I may even try a pair for myself this summer ...

  9. Never mind the woof and the wedgie, the fit looks great and fit is everything in trousers. No doubt you'll soon be running up another pair for when those are in the wash. Hmm, pocket suggestions for the next one: a saucer and a coffee cup, a dog and a leash...

  10. A good crotch curve is priceless, and if y9ou have one that fits you it's well worth tracing it off on everything..

  11. The pocket story is great fun. Your shapris look well fitting and practical.
    I had the same dissolving problem with soluble stabiliser as Katherine h, but yours looks much better - is it the Solvy brand?

  12. Love your cage and canary. Very unique.

  13. These look great on you! I think I need a pair - I can imagine them being worn a lot!
    I'm liking the length too - I always liked knee shorts and even made a tailored knee short suit once!

  14. I love the, um, shapris! Such a nice length and they are great in denim.

  15. I can't see any fit issues here. Love the light denim fabric that you've used. My new Octobbre subscription has arrived and I can't wait to check out their fit on me.

  16. I love your shapris. Especially the pockets. Happy new year!!!