Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kwik sew 3338 .. the latest mutation.

This time we have with puffed sleeve:

Drafted like so (3 x 3/4 inch in case you want to try it yourself):

But sleeve gathered onto a band which was not drafted but simply cut to the width of bicep minus ease.

Yes I sure do have a weakness for sparkly fabric but a big part of my recent sprarkly grey obsession has to do with the big sparkly greys in my hair.

My son has stopped having his afternoon sleep: by next week my hair will probably be white.

Now this top is a bit tighter than the others which just goes to show how different fabrics with different stretch fit differently. I mean that's a no brainer really but still the same pattern has produced a much snugger fit.

And now I must mind my manners and answer a few questions:

Katherine asked about the blind hem. Next time I use my blind hemming foot I'll take a few snaps. Super easy. You need a blind hemming foot though, it would be hard to do it without.

Sue asked the rivets. Oh rivets, how a love rivets and buttons and snaps. So much that I bought myself a set of Prym pliers for attaching them all easily. In Auckland the Bernina shop imports Prym products - so I don't have to order them on line or anything. Fingers crossed someone in your area imports them - each packet comes with its own tool and set of instructions so you don't need the pliers - they just take a bit of grunt out that's all.

Keiler asked about the back of the Burda denim pants - the front is much the same as the back, without the buttons, but with the same 4 piece shaped waistband finish - no pockets.

Several people were curious about "westies". "Westie" refers to people from the western suburbs of Auckland and the stereotype of people who live there. The stereotype has a lot in common with the "redneck" stereotype - but "westie" is affectionate and takes on the "loveable rogue" aspects of the stereotype. We use the word "bogan" to take on the negative aspects of the stereotype. Funnily enough, if I'd called the top "bogan" chic it would have seemed more of a snigger than a smirk.

Costings: fabric, polyester lurex $18, Global fabrics, thread leftover from another project.


  1. Don't you just love this pattern? I've frankenpatterned with it a lot and it always works. I love your sparkly grey and am wearing a nail polish that would match it as I type. I'm going to borrow your sleeve idea, if that's OK.

  2. "My son has stopped having his afternoon sleep: by next week my hair will probably be white. "

    Lol, yes I remember that transition very well...

    Super cute top, it is totally my taste :) And yes sewing knits (esp really stretchy ones) do takes practice, it is a completely different mind set than wovens and I struggled quite a bit in the beginning. I think you have done a great job with both your Kwik-Sew versions.

  3. Love the top. It looks really great and youthfull too.(that means you look youthfull in it, grey hairs and all). Bad news about that sleep. I just kept on putting the boys off to their room for the same time whether they slept or not and closed the door while they played. That way I still got a bit of a regular break.

  4. Love those sleeves, clever you! And I'm partial to a bit'o sparkle myself :o)

  5. Love the top - I am still amazed at how the fabric used affects the fit, because the differences can be quite large.
    Thanks for the answer on the rivets - I will still looking more seriously.

  6. still = start btw ... I am such a bad typist!

  7. Adorable!! Those puffed sleeves are awesome. I'll be borrowing that one as well!

  8. Love a good pouf in the sleeve! I adore grey tshirts. Better than white!

  9. This one's super cute. Love the sparkly gray. I will have to try some rivets soon.

  10. Well, aren't you the clever one putting puffed sleeves on your top!
    I have been snowbound with my three boys for the past 1 1/2 weeks with no relief in site. I have no sympathy for you and the nap situation!!!!! It is schooltime here, not summer. They should be in school and it shows! There is just something different about summer and how they get along on all those days off.
    I hope I don't have white hair, but I do know I am ready for a straight jacket (or maybe one in my size and three smaller ones)!!
    If only I didn't get migraines when I drank, I think I might be a lush right now . . . !!!!!!

  11. mutated but definitely not a mutant. I'm with you on narrow sleeve bands - your solution is better than mine. I tend to just add .5cm to the seam allowance and match it with the side seam.

  12. That's a brilliant shirt - the fit and style are really flattering. Gotta love a bit of sparkle, too :-)

    Thanks for the heads-up about the headlights....car battery is now flat, though, which is a bugger. Note to self: check the lights after the kids play racecar driver in the front seat ;-)

    Hope you guys enjoyed the movie,


  13. love the puffy sleeves, they lift a t-shirt from ordinary to 'noice'. Plus they make your arms look really skinny, you definately don't have tuck shop arms!

  14. Speaking of make it smirk, isn't it great that the new season of project runway has started?! I, for one, am thrilled to have the tv lineup looking so good.