Friday, January 22, 2010

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty moma

I kept thinking of that song as I was sewing these bermuda shorts, a free download from Manequim magazine. I kept thinking of it because these shorts are not just pretty mama, they are latino hot mama.

A little too hot for this mama. They are so fitted that I can barely do them up. I sewed a 42 (size 16) which is my usual bottom size. However, what I failed to appreciate is there is no ease, finished measurements are actual body measurements. They want these shorts to hug you like a second skin, a second sausage skin, or even a sausage skin that splits under pressure and allows all sorts of soft fluffy stuff to ooze out.

The back view, I hope you don't mind the VPL (visible panty line) but I actually find evidence of panties quite reassuring. (Do you remember that episode of "what not to wear" where Susannah put her hands up under the dress of the woman and wretched off her undies saying through clenched jaws "I can't bear the sight of panties." ?)

Anyway, the pattern comes with a little sash to tie through those big belt loops but since I knew these were headed to the op shop I couldn't be bothered doing all the finishing for someone else. So that was bye bye sash, bye bye cuff turn ups, and bye bye hand sewn hems.

However, I think this pattern has huge potential. I can really see these shorts being a great addition to my wardrobe, a size larger.

This is officially a wadder but we'll call it a "wearable muslin" - a "wearable by someone else" muslin, that is.


- This pattern is in Portuguese as Manequim is a Brazilian magazine
- Google translate doesn't do a great job of adding clarity to the Portuguese. Sample translation:

"una them funds internal and external do pocket right of right with one sewing skirting the edges.Hold the edges of the funds of the pockets with patching on the back of the upper and side edges of the front."

Right. Got that? I sewed these shorts without instructions. I sew Burda, I'm used to it.
- like Burda, you need to add your own seam and hem allowances to the pieces, but not the self drafted pieces which are given in finished measurements.

Burmuda shorts from Manequim magazine. Sizes 38, 42, 46 available for free download here
Fabric: cotton/linen blend from Global Fabrics
Costings $12 fabric, zipper recycled, scraps of interfacing, thread $1, tissue $1, buttons 60 cents from Salvage = $14.60


  1. Are they really too tight? They look great. I'm having a good old chuckle about the name of the magazine. If you're not sure why then look up "quim" in the dictionary.

  2. I have this pair of (store-bought) shorts that look really, really great. Until I move. Or breathe. Then all kinds of stress lines form at pelvic bone, at the thighs... I don't look at the back for fear of what I'll see. If I dare sit, a baby muffin top unloads itself over the low waistband. Is that what these shorts are for you? They are a sharp style! Maybe sewing them in the same size with a decent % lycra would give you the ease you want?

  3. I agree, they look pretty good from here, who needs to move? They are a terrific shape on you. I am very tempted by this pattern, another language, different sizing, some extra trickiness to add to my hate affair with pants, what else could I ask for? I am sure I don't have a pattern as cool as this.

  4. They do look god. Like the others said - maybe they'd work for you with some lycra content in the fabric?

    And cos that's the sort of person I am, I googled "define quim" after Miss Smith's comment. Perhaps don't do so when the kids are around.

  5. Lol, they look good. Geez I need to check spelling before I post!

  6. What a shame you are giving them away! (If I lived closer I would say send them my way.) They look great on you... no sign of splitting snags!

  7. They don't look too tight in the picture, but I know from some of my own work the level of discomfort isnt always visible.

  8. Sorry but I am just hysterical at the translation, I've never met anyone quite as determined as you! I bought some really old Burdas last week and they have German instructions... I'm only keeping them for the pretty pictures :-)

  9. Oh, what a shame they are too small because it does look a good pattern. What if you let them out to the tiniest of seam allowances? I have taken to cutting huge side seam allowances on my pants patterns to overcome my personal issues with vanity sizing! Now I have looked up "quim"...your blog is really quite informative.

  10. You have the funniest blog entries!! I am sorry these shorts were too tight, but you have managed to provide all of us with a good laugh as a result!
    OH MY - I looked up quim. Well, I have sure learned something new today! Based upon the definition, maybe you weren't supposed to sew all those seams!! That's the whole problem with the shorts - you didn't quite understand the meaning of the magazine title and just what type of outfit you were making!!!!!!!!
    Okay, I am leaving now.

  11. not being so familiar withthe song of your title I looked it up on you tube and watched the muppet version. It was so hilarious which brings me to my point that I think these shorts look fine ( at least that is what the photo tells me)