Sunday, August 9, 2009

Booty & Booty

Ok here is my third attempt at McCalls 5142 and it's definitely the best so far: the first were "hanging about " pants - too tight through the crotch to sit down, the second were "hanging loose" pants - where I overcompensated for making them too small first time round. Third time's the trick. Straight out of the wash they fit perfectly. Then slowly the weave loosens out as it warms up and they finally end up looking like this. I think that's not bad, personally. I'm standing on a slope so they're more wrinkled than real life. They're fitted without too much wedgie in the booty.

I read recently in a magazine that 1 cm of cleavage was acceptable in NZ for a buisness meeting. Cleavage is Ok - but extraneous butt detail does not go down well here. I think this is the opposite to the States - women seem to wear their pants very fitted through the derriere but shy away from low cut tops. That's the impression I get anyway.

The reason I perservered with these pants is because I like the leg shape - they taper only about half an inch from the hip to the knee where they fall straight. They're bootleg technically but they look like a slim straight leg. There gets an age people, where this cut becomes your friend.

Now the top is of course where I'm at with my Chanel jacket. I can only sew one project at a time, so now I've started this jacket I have to finish it. It's slow progress because there are so many challenges. When I tried it on this morning I had this sudden flash back. I remembered mocking my husband second time he wore it, back when it was his Armani jacket, "it looks like a clown suit." He never wore it agin.

Needless to say, I'm rethinking my cream buttons, cream piping trim idea.

Now the second "booty" in the title of this post refers to the necklace I'm wearing. I won a whole lot of stuff in a raffle this week. As a way of saying thank you to all those who donoted to the raffle I thought I'd mention a few pieces over a few posts. First up today, my little polymer and crystal hei tiki necklace from Vicki Morehu . The two other goodies I thought I'd mention are already in the recycle bin. A bottle of delicious Chardonnay from Shingle Peak and a box of Schoc Chocolates. Thanks guys, they were delish!


  1. I want my Armani jacket back.

  2. like the cut of the pants, very flattering!

  3. Looking good! That's a back view to be proud of...perserverance pays off. Somebody told me once that more people see you from behind than in you can proudly wiggle your booty.

  4. I would love to see this jacket worn with a bow tie. You know, the kind that spins around every time you tell a joke. Perhaps also a joke flower brooch that squirts water when someone looks at it closely?

    Pa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!