Sunday, January 1, 2012

Awards for 2011

Well people, I simply love roundup posts and so should you because you can get a year's worth of blog reading in a single viewing. Now that's economy.

So here they are, the awards for 2011.

The "this goes straight to the pool room" award for most sophisticated item goes to this Burda sheath in Zambesi fabric

The "we're going to the circus and here's your costume" flop of the year sewing award goes to this Simplicity coat:

The "life's a bitch and so is this to sew" award goes to the Amy Butler Weekender bag:

Visible panty line (VPL) took on a whole new meaning with these jeans from Burda, bringing us the "most interesting detail" award:

The "flog the working horse" award for most worn item goes to this Ottobre top:

Award for the least satisfying to sew but most enjoyable to wear goes to this Ottobre tee "shirt".

The "most expensive never sewn from subscription award" went to La Mia Boutique for 2 muslins in 12 issues:

The "you are only as old as your fabric" award for vintage sewing went to this number from Collette patterns:

Fabric score of the year could well have gone to these $1 a metre vintage finds from a deceased estate,

...but how can you beat free! Yes, Valerie gave me some beautiful Liberty tana lawn, simply because I wanted it. So, the "if only the rest of my life could be this easy" award goes to blogger Valerie for her generosity.

Best wishes to everyone for a satisfying sewing New Year.


  1. And the award for the sewing blog with the best sense of humo(u)r goes to YOU (with your sister a close second)!
    I laughed over so many of these!!! Economy indeed!
    Happy 2012!!!

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  3. (Damn Kyle beat me to it )
    I also award you the Golden Needle award for funniest sewing blogger but please limit your acceptance speech to 30 seconds ( otherwise you`ll start hearing the orchestra play )

  4. Me too!

    Thanks for all the laughs, chuckles, giggles and smirks.

    And the opportunity to overcome covetousness (deceased estates bring out the best in people don't they?!)

    Oh, and the inspirational sewing.

  5. Definitely the sewing blog with the best sense of humour!

    Great round-up post. Happy new year!

  6. I agree with the others - you always make me laugh! Thanks for all the inspiration you've given me.

  7. I thought it was the tea snorted on the keyboard award, but yes, you win for sure.
    It might just be gloating to mention that estate sale AGAIN. How green do you want us? Oh wait, sewingelle has it, you have that award sorted too :)

  8. I'm smiling from many miles away while enjoying your humor and your creations. And yes, maybe I should "economize" and only read end of year posts so I could get more sewing completed...but I'd miss so many more moments of fun throughout the year on your blog. Happy New Year!

  9. Thanks for tickling my funny-bone:-)
    Have a super 2012!

  10. Happy New Year! The undies pockets are a riot!

  11. Very clever and fun to read! I can't wait to see what new awards you come up with in the coming year! May the winners outweigh the losers big time. Happy New Year!!!

  12. I agree with the above, your writing style is a lot of fun!
    Best wishes for a wonderful and productive 2012!

  13. You never fail to crack me up.

  14. Two more:
    1. Best of granny chic award.
    2. Best muttoned garment award.

    Happy New Year to you, too!

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  16. I didn't comment when you first posted it, but I really love your Amy Butler bag. I would buy it from a store anyday. The colours and retro look are just awesome. (I also really like the sandals you were for todays post)