Thursday, August 4, 2011

velour allure

I picked up this grovey 70's pattern from an op shop in Nelson for 10c. I then took it to a cafe and read it, as you do. When I got off my seat to put my son's shoes back on, a couple came and sat at the seats we had vacated. Then they shifted to another table, and when I went back to get my coat and things, the pattern had gone.

Heart racing, I went over to the table. "you've got my pattern, that's my pattern."
Not gracious under pressure, and certainly have been living in Auckland for too long.
"sorry," said the woman, handing it back, "I thought it belonged to the cafe."

Now isn't that a lovely thought, a cafe that supplied patterns for its customers to read instead of magazines?

View B, v neck with collar:

Collar in detail:

Fabric, sports merino from Nick's, but it has the richness and feel of velour - great colour but the fit needs tweaking, maybe a bit longer, hip needs to come in, bust needs darts instead of side gathers. For this version, will probably not unpick overlocked side seams but will consider hem band instead.

Orginally I had planned to make some tartan trousers to go with it but I am yet to see a pair of tartan trousers that looks good on anyone, so instead I'm thinking of some kind of kilt variation. You have been warned.


  1. Classy!! Have you had the pleasure (misfortune?) of looking at some of the old KnitWit books? Lots of tight tight tops and even how to sew undies - of course this had to be modelled playing topless tennis too - go figure.

    I'm sure some nana styling would make this top a brilliant yet witty piece.

  2. It is very flattering exactly as is, great colour. You might be right about the tartan trousers, a little too Rupert the Bear perhaps. Can't go wrong with a kilt except it may catapult you into the wrong age group?

  3. Hi, nice top and I'm glad you got your pattern back! Hard to believe we could leave our doors unlocked just a few years ago. Did you hear Nick's is closing there Takapuna store? Everything is marked down to $3/m.

  4. So NEAT, that v-neck! I laughed at your pattern-reading- I'll often sit myself down at the kitchen table after a successful opshop trip and read through the patterns I;ve scored, count all the pieces, grok the construction.... so fun!

  5. Sometimes I think the less money I manage to score a bargain for, the more valued it becomes to me! So I totally understand you grabbing your pattern back - I would too!
    You've reminded me how totally cool collared V-necks are.
    And I really must try and make it to Nick's one day - it sounds like bargain central!

  6. Great job on the v-neck - it looks perfect! Nice colour - I would agree on your alterantions though - add a band and you will have a really great top.

  7. That collar is so cool, and the fabric looks beautiful. Couldn't it be a relaxed sort of top as it is? I like it.
    I thought Dr Who looked pretty good in tartan trousers, but he needed the scarf to set it off.

  8. What a steal of a pattern! I'm glad you managed to get it back from the "innocent" cafe customer.

    I just love the collar and v-neck. Very groovy! And if anyone can pull off tartan trousers.....

  9. I would so totally frequent any cafe that provided patterns to read, especially such a nice vintage pattern! Brilliant idea.

    I love this top and while I agree that tartan pants are the very devil's plaything, it does sound pretty cool. A kilt might be just the ticket.

  10. Your top looks good - very designer/sporty.
    Re the tartan trousers. Go on and make them - you know you want to ..
    p.s. I am old enough to remember theBay City Rollers or Boomtown Rats era. YOu may have to google to see what I mean.

  11. Great top. Love that 70's vibe. What a beautifully neat "V".

    It would be nice if cafes came with patterns to read. It would also be nice if one day I got to say "hip needs to come in".

    I still own a pair of tartan full-length, wide-legged culottes that I made over 20 years ago. Although, I must confess, it is almost 20 years since I've worn them. I can't get rid of them because they were made with my family tartan.

    Now not quite tartan, but a good compromise, are these check trousers

  12. Love the title and I have some of those kombiknits patterns, Mum used to make our winter pyjamas from the tracksuit pattern.
    Go for the tartan pants, there should be more tartan in the world.

  13. It looks veeery nice!
    My mother and I have visited Nelson and loved it.

  14. Lovely job on the 'v'. That colour looks perfect for you. Whenever I hear of tartan trousers I think of golf, that said, I have a friend that pulls off the tartan rouser look with perfection.

  15. I love it. I have a piece of animal print velour I long to make into something suitably trashy. I also have a length of very expensive blue and gold tartan that I bought to make into trousers about ten years ago. They remain unmade for the very reason you cite. Personally, I would opt for a tartan mini to be worn over tights that match the top, but that's me. Oh and I'm really impressed by your perfect V!

  16. That's really a great top! It does look very good on you.

  17. You did a great job on that "v" neckline. What a cozy top! I wish our temps were cool eough to wear that. And yes, I think cafe's should definitely provide us patterns! And pattern magazines.

  18. I love your top. You did a fabulous job on the V neck.

    Do I understand correctly that you got up from your chair, but your coat was still there, and someone sat down? Generally leaving a personal item such as a coat, indicates that the chair is occupied!

  19. THE NERVE of some people! LOL. I'm kind of kidding. Similar experience with a basket full of buttons, priced to nearly nothing, that the woman behind me in line started rifling through when the checker was ringing up my fabric. I was very polite and very firm. And now look what you have for your assertiveness! A great knit top!