Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nerdy, but noice*

Post editing note: after seeing yesterday's pictures I managed to let out the side seams enough to let off a little pressure. Here I am after my morning's shopping with son. I did full geek chic look with cord skirt and retro hand bag. I needed all the help I could get because we went shoe shopping, which for a little boy, is the equivalent of shopping HELL. For his mother, it is shopping hell with extra brimstone and sulphur on the side.

*noice = nice, spoken with a NZ accent.

Ottobre 05-2010-04 (renee top)

After I saw my sister's nerdy 'bots yesterday, I got nerd envy really bad. I really wanted to make myself a pair of civil servant shorts but I did manage enough of a grip on reality to tame it back.

And lo! Look at all the restraint I showed. First up, I bypassed a lilac knit for a mottled blue. I ignored the overwhelming desire to pile on the rosettes but made the puff sleeves instead.

The fabric is high performance merino sportswear, purchased for a few bucks at a liquidation sale. It's nylon waffle weave on the back and merino on the front. (The closest this thing will get to high performance is trying to drag my 3 year old out of the ice cream shop.)

In theory it's probably not the most flattering look for me, mainly because this knit has a firmer hand, clinging to every lump and bumb with a little more vigour than I'd prefer. Still, I lurve it because it brings a smile to my face. Some clothes can really make you feel like royalty, and me, I'm chanelling the Queen in this one.

The puffed sleeve in more detail:


  1. Your top looks really good. I have very similar fabric (merino/nylon) but in cobalt blue. I made sports shirts for my son but wondered if it was too sporty looking to use for me with the pattern in the knit. (I have about 6 metres after buying it from the factory shop in Levin for $3 per metre)
    I have just made this pattern but with the straight sleeves and the yoke and sleeves in a contrast fabric. It fits so nicely I am tempted to make it again but I think I will use these sleeves. I might also put a thin line of piping around the yoke for contrast

  2. Ah, another Ottobre tee to ad to the list of wants!! Otto really does make it far to easy to purchase back issues. Now, which is your favorite??

  3. Looks comfy, like something you'll wear a lot. To me this has a flattering amount of cling, your highness.

  4. Very noice top. (I'm a Southlander, you should hear me say shirrrt and skirrt, hehe!) It doesn't look too clingy from this angle!

  5. Very noice, specially with the pearls Your Majesty

  6. Hi, I have enjoyed following your blog, so would like to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award (don't feel that you have to accept and participate).

    If you do wish to accept, you just need to add the image for the award and a link back to my blog (, list 7 things about you and pass the award to 7 other bloggers.


  7. I love nerd chic! That top is fantastic. I really, really must get on the Ottobre band wagon.

    And I can relate to the hell with a side of brimstone. My niece is so incredibly difficult to shop with, my mother won't even do it. When it comes time for school clothes and shoes, she makes me take her. I am the only one who can get her in and out of the store, in less than 3 hours, and no bloodshed. But it is no easy task, and there is much liquor consumed after the child is dropped off.

  8. Nerdwear. I like it. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful line of clothes and accessories!

  9. Noice, very noice. You know I have this one cut out already? I am putting the very noice roses on mine. I will look just like my grandma, not royal like you.
    My sympathies re the shopping with toddler boy. Now that he is 8, I can bribe mine with post shopping trade offs, but I remember that phase vividly. I will have to be more grateful for mere sulking and ice cream expenses.

  10. Cute title there. I really like this outfit and particularly the sleeves on the top. Anything that makes you feel like a queen is right in my book! I had fun popping over to your sister's blog too.

  11. no not geek chic - lovely indeed. I think your shopping outfit looks great.

  12. I like this top, especially the balloon sleeves!
    Thank you for your thoughts on my jacket. Actually I have made a muslin for Vogue 8333 already, and not just a "quickie" but a full-blown finished garment, testing of all the couture techniques that this pattern requires. It was finished to a wearable standard and I posted some pictures of it two days ago.
    But you cold be right about my subconscious wanting something different for this fabric...

  13. As always I love reading your posts and lurve your sense of humour!
    You look so serious in that first picture; that shopping must have been traumatic!
    Also lurve that you're channeling the queeen! What are you wearing to Wills and Kate's wedding?? I'm sure I'll look splendid in my pajamas while watching the wedding at 6am EDT!

  14. Thanks for your comment, and hey, don't say you feel foolish, I sure don't expect everyone to read all my random ramblings! I really appreciated your thoughts. And I'm feeling a smidge more confident about using that fabric now...

  15. Creativity runs in the genes. Loved your sisters robots. I subscribed to Octobbre on the basis of that t-shirt, so must get around to making it soon.