Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The first noble truth of the Buddha: life is suffering.

Fortunately, one has some lucky breaks along the way which would have me alter that truth to, "life is not unmitigated suffering thanks to the Sally Army and Nick's."

Those of you with children will sympathise that I have had a hard hard week with my 2 1/2 year old son. Is he in training with Al Quaeda? Sometimes I suspect he is. So instead of sitting down to my beloved sewing machine this week I have been sitting down with a stiff drink every night. But enough, let me show you my lovely fabric finds that gives me faith that I will find the strength and will to finish my competition entries before the September deadline.

Exhibit number 1: Merino from Nick's - another liquidation sale - these lovely sports Merino in a variety of colours available from his temporary outlet store in Barry's Point Rd. Machine washable with a nylon layer for stability and breathability.

Exhibit number 2: Sally Army fabric box: 1 metre of silk dupioni and 3 pashmina (handmade in Nepal, the softest cashmere I have ever encoutered)

OK, sometimes life is kind.


  1. Hey MA I'm with you on the need for some heave-duty alcohol after a day with a toddler. But the scary part is, friends of mine have said that with boys, it's not the "terrible twos" or the "torturous threes" you need to worry about, it's the "effing fours"! EEEEKKK! Testosterone surges, who'd have 'em?

    Hang in there. I'd like to say it gets better but I'm not seeing it, myself (still, there's always boarding school...).

  2. Nothing like new fabrics to elevate the soul!
    Ok, maybe a glass of wine as well...

  3. Oooh, pretty fabric! I'm so jealous of your fabulous finds. I wish I had some good thrifting around here!!

    I feel your toddler pain though. I once heard someone misquote, "Those who God wishes to destroy he first makes Mothers." There are days when I believe that...

  4. Never a dull moment with kids, eh? The good news is that difficult phases do pass--and you have booze and fabric to help you through the tough times!

    Big hugs...

  5. Toddlers are great character-builders, no? (Actually, kids are at any age...)

    What is merino? I have a feeling we use the word differently here.

  6. Nice haul! Good luck reclaiming your sanity. I'll be meditating for you.

  7. Love your pashminas well Maryanna and promise never to wash them. If you really love them, dryclean only once a year.

  8. So that's Reason 9372 why I don't have children. Great fabric haul, though.

  9. Nice haul.

    I remember various states of despair with a small boy, but while 2 and 3 were very hard, 4 was great, 5 was even better, and 6 is a laugh a minute.

  10. The secret to survival is good child care! The woman who looks after Louis must have the endurance and toughness of an SAS officer as she has 4 boys under 4 at the moment. (I suspect a secret stash of gin in her cupboard somehere...).

    May be one day we can get Louis and Benjy in the same room and sit back and watch the chaos.

    Love Mary

  11. The merino is so lovely and so so wasted on a person who lives in Auckland. When will it ever be cold enough for you to wear your beautiful merino creations??

    Anyway - lovely fabrics - your most covetously Marg

  12. I'm so envious of your haul, and with a "busy" two year old of my own, totally sympathise. In my case I'm just profoundly relieved that I don't have two of them - one is a piece of cake! I dread the day they give up their nap.....