Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Game, set, matchy matchy match

I made these jeans (Burda 7738) to match my merino top - since I bought the fabric at the same time it seemed like a good idea and the closest I would ever get to wardrobe planning.

I feel better about wearing the merino top now (Burda 7760). I did a bit of "mall therapy" - where I looked at the other badly dressed people with ill fitting clothes at the shopping centre and didn't feel too bad. It just goes to prove the theory that if you are going to compare yourself with others, you'll feel a lot happier if you choose someone worse off than yourself.

The light is fading so these photos are the best I can do.

I sorted out most, but not all, of the problems with the back. In the case of my cords, I "over-fitted" - meaning I did one erroneous adjustment that threw everything else out. Normally I have to lengthen the back crotch by 2 cms, is there a worse feeling that having your pants ride your butt? There are things worse than watching people pick there knickers out of their back wedgies but bad as it looks, if feels much much worse. At any rate, the short answer is that I did not need to lengthen the back crotch at all - it was already quite long by Burda standards.

There is still something wrong happening on the yoke - can you see that pull. What am I doing wrong people? Is it because I pulled in the top of the yoke for a minor sway back - should I have left it completely alone ? There will be an expert reading this - go on, sign in as anonymous and tell me all about it.

But let's now look at what's going right. For these jeans I took in the bottom 1.5 cms on all sides, front and back, tapering at nothing at the knee to create a bootleg rather than flare. The denim was so heavy and thick I thought it wouldn't suit the bell bottom shape of the original design.

Then this is the treatment for the back baggies. If you are familiar with "Fit for Real People" you'll know there is a full bicep alteration. The same method can be applied to the back to collapse out a large wedge. It does add width, so you need to take that out through the side seam. Here's how the pattern piece looks.

So basically I did virtually nothing to alter these pants - they fit really well straight out of the packet and I love love love them. I have got my denim pre washed and ready for my next version where I get to do ALL the top stitching -this time I had to leave off the stitching on any seam that may require re-fitting.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Carol for sharing the information about the back baggy alteration and to Jackie for sharing her jeans making expertise.


  1. Very nice work. The pockets are a quirky touch. What pattern is the top? It is very flattering.

  2. Those jeans look great. Love the back pockets!
    My only suggestion about the bubble on the back yoke is - as the CB yoke seam is on the bias has it stretched a little when it was sewn?
    Perhaps you can check this against the pattern and trim off the excess at the top before attaching the waistband.

  3. You have totally swayed me to sewing for fun with no plan!

    Love the jeans, maybe I have to get over my aversion to sewing jeans (I enjoyed sewing a denim jeans-style skirt, but jeans still scare me).

    The mall experience is a good one. We have two larger shopping centers here - one where they dress more daggy and the other slightly more upbeat - pick your mall when you want to compare!

  4. Maybe you just need to lower the yoke by 1cm or so? Perhaps what arnysews says is right, perhaps the yoke has stretched. I once read a Sandra Betzina tip about steam pressing cut pieces to get the get the stretch out, then laying the pressed pieces back over the pattern and cutting any excess off. I guess that's exactly what arnysews said. Otherwise, they look fantastic. I love the pocket design. As for the mall thing, I live in the country and the only people I see are hippies or farmers, neither of which is known for their dress sense, so your theory works over here.

  5. Very nice fit, and they look great with your top!

  6. I think they look great! What is the meaning behind your pocket design?

  7. Lookin good! Your jeans journey has taken you quite a-ways...bring on the top-stitching!

  8. I think those jeans look darn good! Great job!

  9. You're right, comparisons are slippery ground to be on. At the very least, slant it in your favour. I think they look perfect and a very flattering fit.

  10. Your jeans are fab! and as always, your back pockets are awesome (though the dog remains my favorite.) I wonder if ironing will take out the bubble?

  11. Oh the POCKETS! I'm sure it makes me sound wierd, but I always look forward to shots of your rear because you do such cool stuff on the pockets.

    Yeah, that really does make me sound wierd. It's truly for the pockets! Honest!

  12. Na na na na na.
    That's all I can say.
    Oh, and nice pants.

  13. PS. I can't believe you brought out the W word AGAIN on my blog. How could you?! Splutter!

  14. Love the jeans! I have been buying denim...planning on sewing a pair of jeans...and then never quite getting to the point of tracing them off and sewing them! I really, really need to get to it!

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