Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The mademoiselle dress, Burda 05-2009-122

On the dress form so you can see the detail

The balloon sleeves

On me

Don't you love the way Burda give all their patterns names? This dress is called the "madamemoiselle" dress, and it is fresh and feminine. It's not often I have to think hard about whether a style might be a little young for me, but in this case I followed my "do I feel like making it and will it be fun?" mantra and with a "oui" to both I was off!

Every time I buy a new issue of Burda I think the patterns look a little wierd, so if it was up to me to be namin' them, sometimes it would be more like the "ew" dress, the "yuk" top and the "what were they thinking" pants. But, as they say, the eye adjusts, and soon I start thinking about making the yuk top to go with the what were they thinking pants and look for the foul coat to top it off.

Anyway, madam will slip into her mademoiselle dress ready to celebrate her wedding anniversary this week, for which aforesaid frock was sewn.

Bonne anniversaire!

Costings: vintage silk $30 from a shop in Nelson, thread $3.20 recycled zipper, tissue paper $2, lining 100% acetate Charles Parson lining from Nicks $6 - read it and weep - = $41.20

a note about the lining - if you go to Nick's on Sunday the guy that does Nick's day off is in charge of handling the stock, ask him to show you the best quality lining and he'll sort you out - lining fabrics are only $2 a metre. Not only does this lining have great drape, it's also very cool and comfortable.

Co-incidently, sometimes the fabric buyers are allowed to tell you where they got their stock - sometimes they are not able to because they are obligated to protect the designer from knock-offs.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress! I love following along your sewing exploits!! :-D


  2. Very romantic frock, madame :) Happy anniversary!

    Just now, I'm flipping through my Burdas looking for "frumpy coat."

  3. Oh, you looks so pretty! You should wear more dresses :o) (hehehehhe I sound like somebody's mum)

  4. Wow I never would have thought you would get that dress out of that piece of fabric...that must have been a spectacular piece of contortionist cutting to get all the pieces out.
    The bathroom is finished...sigh...and it looks beautiful. Happy anniversary from us and our lovely shiny copper downlights.

  5. That is a lovely dress! Enjoy your anniversary in it. I must hunt up that issue of BWOF. SO many pretty things in it!

  6. Wow! This is wonderful. The pattern and fabric looks so light and happy!

  7. Looks fabulous. Happy anniversary.

    - Myrna

  8. A perfect summer frock also for a christmas in the hot sunny south island. So happy you will get to wear this beautiful dress more than one!! It looks great MaryAnna

  9. Very pretty. the vintage silk looks a perfect fabric for that dress. Happy anniversary.

  10. Happy anniversary!! My tenth anniversary is Friday! We have to attend a work function of my husband's tomorrow night, so we won't be able to go out again Friday. Have fun wearing the new dress!
    I will have to look at the names of the things I have made. I wish Burda would include some pictures that actually show the clothing!! I have to study the line drawings to see what is truly in the magazine. I then flip back to the pages. Sometimes I have an "oh" moment where I can see the line drawing in the garment and then there are other times where there just isn't enough of the item pictured to get it at all!! The patterns are so good and consistent, though!!

  11. Happy Anniversay! Fabulous dress.
    Thanks for leaving the link to your fly tutorial. I will definitley be checking it out.

  12. Oh! This is so beautiful. It reminds me of a party dress I tried on one time at a store I couldn't afford. I took it off with such regret. I felt so happy and pretty and party dressy in it.