Monday, October 12, 2009

Kreativ Blogger - it could be you!

Thanks to Sue who nominated me for the Kreativ blogger award. I saw it was going around, but you never know you luck. (Could be your lucky day blog friends too, stay tuned).

One part is to share 7 things about yourself that blog readers wouldn't know.

1) I have a degree in Classics. The old fashioned kind, Greek and Latin. People always used to ask me, "how are you going to get a job with that? Well, the longest I've ever been unemployed is 6 weeks, ever. It's about education and opportunity and maximizing both.

2) I was raised as one of nine children.

3) I have a volunteer flower arranging job which I do every second Tuesday.

4) My last job was teaching adult literacy. That's when I learned that you teach a person first, and a curriculum second.

5) I meet 2 friends for dinner every Thursday. We have been doing it for years, despite serious illness and major life changes.

6) I am "housekeeping challenged."

7) My husband does not read my blog, and if he must read one, he'll read my sister's in preference. "Yours is just about sewing." JUST ABOUT SEWING. Like that's a bad thing???

He is a very good husband in other respects though so I'm not complaining.

Right now one of the things about being raised as one of nine children is that everything has to be fair and equitable, so I can't just choose 7 people, that would mean leaving worthy people out. So instead I invite anyone who is reading this who would like this to be their lucky day, I nominate you!

I bought back some treasures from my Nelson holiday. My sister gave me "the twins" for my son but he's not allowed to put a sucky licky toothy paw on them, they sit guard in my sewing room. Some toys are just too good to be trashed so early in their lives.

And I got this gorgeous vintage silk. It's so beautiful the only way I'll be brave enough to use it is if I make a muslin of a muslin and then another muslin just to be triple sure.

I am currently working on Butterick 5030 with some other vintage fabric. It's so long that I've sewn anything other than BWOF that I've forgotten quite how easy a pattern already traced and pictorial instructions are.

In fact, I'm looking at all 48 fully illustrated instructions and thinking, "what? do you think I'm a moron?"


  1. You are SO FUNNY! "What, do you think I'm a moron?" So glad I discovered your blog (via Antoinette). I needed the chuckle!

  2. My husband doesn't read my blog, either. I think I should leave a test message sometime just to see how long it takes to get back to him..... One of nine, eh? So was my dad. That's a big ol' family! Let me guess that you were 6th of 9?

  3. Hey....I just bought that pattern, too. Which view are you doing?
    That silk is just gorgeous...looking forward to seeing it made up (after the muslin of a muslin of a muslin, of course ;-) )


  4. I for one would need everyone of those instructions and even then maybe need someone to explain them to me. Hey I saw you are coming down south in the summer. When are you thinking of coming? I am thinking of going up to go tramping with george for a few days but would be cool if you are down when I'm in Dunedin and we can come over to central and see you all

  5. So great to find out more about you. And 8 brothers and sisters, wow! As a single child myself I can't even imagine what that would be like.

  6. Oooh - that silk is to die for! Where on earth do you find vintage silk? It needs to be a pretty special project for sure. Possibly even one not worn to Playcentre.

    One of nine? So's my husband. I'm from a relatively small family - just six of us! (For some reason people assume that our having a big family was inevitable. Can't think why...)

  7. I loved reading more about you! And my husband doesn't read my blog either b/c it is JUST about sewing!

  8. Good morning 8 of 9,
    That silk really is lovely, I had almost forgotten.
    Anyway, the real question I have is, do you follow all 40 of the instructions or do you know better by now?
    Love from 9 of 9

  9. What a triple muslin? I thought you were the no-muslin girl.That Butterick pattern looks like it will really suit you.

    My hubby does read my blog, at intervals, and then always tells me that I didn't give him enough credit for the bits he helped with!

  10. It is fun to learn more about people. I never got a job directly with my degree, but it did help me in my 'career' and I have never had difficulty getting a job either. My eldest son is studying art and some peole ask us why we let him (like I can force my will on a 19yo) as 'he won't be able to get work after' but I am not concerned - all education is good and he needs to follow his heart.

  11. Congrats on your award! And I love the look of your new pattern. Will be so flattering on you!
    Sorry I fell out of blogland for awhile, I have missed you and am enjoying the catch-up!