Friday, May 8, 2009

I've been busy

I heart tripple knit and big needles. I've already finished the back on my cardy. In the end I choose the short one for no other reason than the shop I bought the wool from only had enough for the short one, and in this beautiful cornflower blue for no othe reason than that was pretty much all they had. Still, it's the colours I wear so who's complaining?

Next up this vogue top. Vogue 8451. The thing I love about it is that it's constructed exactly as if it's woven. That means all the construction details are completely familiar to me. Thing is, knit does not behave like woven, so if you are reading this and considering making it, I have two words for you, "twin needle." If you don't use a twin needle on the hems the seam is not stretchy enough and it breaks.

Now if you are at all taken by my licorice allsorts necklace and you are a dab hand with a pair of needles you could whip one up yourself. They are simply small squares of knit stab stiched together. I did not make this, I confess, but I wish I had.

In other news, I bought some beautiful Italian cotton shirting yesterday for a price so cheap I cannnot tell you because otherwise you'd have to kill me. Anyway, softens the blow for not winning Antoinette's shirt refashion. Now I shall just have to hunt through her site and find something to shamelessly copy. Woops I mean be inspired by.

In other news, I foresee problems with my potential ugly fabric entries. Because they are affiliated with an ethnic group (Thai hill tribe villagers) then it may be considered culturally offensive. All I can say is that it looks fantastic on them because they are golden skinned and slim, less attractive on a pinky porker. Can I just say, "ugly on me" without offence?


  1. I'm so ashamed of myself! I immediately looked at the darts.

    Another fine knit top!

  2. LOVE your Vogue 8451, and thanks for your lovely comments on mine! The neckline is great for wearing showing off neck jewelry- looks fab with the licorice allsorts!
    Have a great weekend :o)

  3. I'm still scared of knit fabric. Love the necklace, great fun.

  4. Yeah, I'm scared of knits too, but I wish I wasn't cos stretch patterns look so quick and easy.

    Hey that necklace is the coolest, funkiest, allsortest necklace ever. Dunedin always comes up with some primo goods.

  5. Impressed at your knitting! Though I blog-surfed from your sidebar last night and wound up at a Norwegian blogger's post about how Americans knit differently, and much more slowly. Maybe if I learned another way it would go faster and I might try it again and knit beautiful things like you do?

    Nice Vogue top. And that shirting will become something fine, I can tell.

  6. I love that photo of you and especially the necklace.

    This whole ugly fabric thing is cracking me up.

    You have a very nice gage (is that what it's called, meaning even knitted stiches?)

  7. I love knitting but I am neither good or fast! Love the color of your knit project.

  8. Very speedy knitting, Mary Nanna. That must have made those long meetings just speed by ;-)

    Hope all is well over the road in this abysmal weather.


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